Seven Aspects of Liberation

1. The EVOLUTION Aspect
As Earthlings evolved they became aware of two basic instincts within them: a self-centred Animal instinct (promoting force, fear and oppression) and a community-centred Ubuntu instinct (focused on care, compassion and cooperation in the community). When they left Africa to populate the planet, Earthlings took the contention between these two instincts with them, until today.

Life has been exterminated several times in the past as the climate has been wiped out by collision with asteroids or volcanic eruptions, and faces the additional risk of extinction later this century because Earthlings are making the climate too hot to handle.

3. The SPIRITUAL Aspect – ethical, moral in THIS LIFE.
Pondering the reality of the Ubunu instinct, Earthlings throughout the planet produced prophets from Lao Tse and the Buddha, through Hindus and Judaism, to Jesus, Mohammad, and secularists, who all proclaimed the Way of care, compassion and cooperation in the community as the secret of successful life. This is easily seen when we set out the teachings of the prophets side by side, with which we can all agree.

4 . The OTHER WORLDLY Aspect.
The tribes, nations, and empires which Earthlings established around the planet developed self-centred political and economic systems driven by the self-centred Animal instinct, which conflicted strongly with the community – centred Ubuntu focus of the spiritually alert prophets. To counter this, the nations invented Religions. These used the language of community-centred Ubuntu, but corrupted it to serve the self-centred Animal instincts of the religions we know today. To justify this they moved the focus to other worldly teachings and assertions about the origins of religions which could not be proved, and a life after death which could only be reached by accepting their religion, coupled with threats of torments in everlasting hell for those who did not. It is these improvable and unknowable superstitions of our competitive religions and their political and economic systems which lacerate and divide Earthlings today, stubbornly and deliberately blocking the prophets ubuntu Way to spiritual unity and Earthling success.

This does not mean that we must ignore the emphasis of the Religions on such Other Worldly events as virgin births, wise men, visits from archangels and the dead, miracles, and resurrections. However unlikely, these may have happened, and we must not scoff at those who think they did. But neither must we allow these Other Worldly religious assertions of some to lead us away from the vital spiritual focus of the prophets united ubuntu message to Earthlings.

5. The COLLAPSE Aspect
Throughout history, Earthlings have experienced periods of collapse, when their religious, spiritual, financial, political or social systems have failed, and much energy is expended to save them. But it is within the collapses that new systems are born. Such collapses are very evident in the political, economic, religious, cultural and social structures of the world today. We should not go overboard to prevent them, nor pretend by a false optimism that they are not happening. They are pointers to follow to liberation.

6. The LIBERATION Aspect
Our task today is liberation. Many of us recognise oppression through the experience of being engaged in the liberation struggles in the world, such as South Africa. Liberation begins when Earthlings recognise that their religious, political and economic systems have failed and are leading us to early extermination. Liberation from submission to the ways in which these oppressors have indoctrinated us to think is the heart of it. In spirit, it is liberation from antagonistic self-centred religious superstitions to the establishment of spiritual communities: often through interdenominational, inter- faith, post-religious groups claiming a secular spirituality. In economics, it is liberation from the obscenity of wealth and poverty into systems providing enough for all, for enough is enough; in politics it is liberation from the oppressive politics of animal competition into the ubuntu politics of caring, compassion and cooperation in the community.

Lastly, we must liberate ourselves from the notion that the big boys will lead us to liberate Earthlings. Throughout history leaders have become dominated by oppressive Animal instincts. Liberation does not come from the top down but from the bottom up. Our priority must not be to get to the top to change things, but to explore, establish and encourage small groups where we are, in every field, because that is where ubuntu liberation happens.

[written in 2012]


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