Jenni Sweet

I am saddened at the passing on of my friend & comrade. I continue to share your grief and loss and my thoughts reach out to you.

I do want you to know that I shall always carry precious memories in my heart of our time together in exile all those years ago. In particular Bow Mission’s supporters, the Holden’s and moreover the ANC Religious Affairs Committee. I am grateful for the support I received from Comrade Cedric for my ministry and thank him for helping to shape my theology. He sharpened my understanding of our struggle for liberation and contributed to my active engagement in the overthrow of apartheid; because he helped me to see that my following is an integral part of my political involvement.

I salute you Comrade Cedric and hold you with respect in the deepest corner of my heart. You will continue to live in my sermons and in my conversations. The struggle continues in different ways and varied forms.

Rest in peace