Please send in your memories!

This page will soon be filled with memories from those who knew Cedric. Our aim is to build a complete picture of him and his long, varied and remarkable life, so whatever area of his world you were part of and in whatever location or era, please do take the time to write a little on what you remember of him and send it to us.

Why will you remember him? Where did you meet? What was your most thought-provoking experience with him? When did he surprise you? How did he inspire you? Who was he to you?

As your memory is jogged by others’ accounts, please do use the comments facility on each post to add your thoughts and start conversations.


2 thoughts on “Please send in your memories!

  1. The lasting thing that Cedric taught me was about the destructive power of hate. In “A Certain Sound” and in conversation, he told of how, when he had been tortured by Arthur Benoni Cronwright, “I hated that little Hitler man with his shreiking fanaticism for a couple of days in 1976, and it took me months to recover. It made me resolve never to hate anyoe again: I couldn’t stand it.”
    What a profound statement and one that has lived with me since. It made me realise that when hating someone, the hate is doing nothing to that person but it is churning you up.
    For all the things that Cedric instilled in me, that is the everlasting one.


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