Former President of the Republic of South Africa, Kgalema Motlanthe

Please accept my deeply felt condolences on the passing of Reverend Cedric Mayson.

As a spiritual person driven by deep Christian convictions, Reverend Mayson was a complete human being, a true devotee to the principles of justice and equality, as well as a believer in the vision of a united, non-racial, non-sexist, just and democratic South Africa.

Reverend Mayson was a man of the courage of his convictions whose commitment to the struggle and development of South Africa did not falter.

He served the cause of our freedom and democracy, playing an instrumental role not only in creating the necessary space to bridge the divide during apartheid oppression, including helping support the process that drafted the Kairos Document, but also, in questioning the very moral basis of apartheid, from a Christian point of view.

At a personal level, losing a loving father and a dedicated member of the family is always a heart-wrenching experience for any family.

Please take comfort from the fact that his was a worthy life that enriched humanity, for which he will always be fondly remembered.
He will be missed by the African National Congress and our nation as a whole.
Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with you at this point in your life.

May his soul rest in everlasting peace!

Former President of the Republic of South Africa
28 May 2015


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