Horst Kleinschmidt

Until just a few years ago, Cedric worked in Luthuli House defending that which was good and upright in the ANC. In the end he was disappointed and knew that the values and hopes of our generation, and a whole nation, had been substantially squandered and mired in elitism and ill-gotten gains.

Cedric was important in my life. I was his first contraband ‘parcel’ that he flew out of South Africa, to deposit me in a mealie field somewhere near Molepolole in Botswana. In a previous time parishioners of Cedric’s had taught him how to fly. He relied on these parishioners favours to loan him their small aircraft. In the end he flew some 20 people out of the country – as in my case, to avoid further detention and because our passports had been withdrawn, the reason why the ‘parcel’ alternative was developed. In detention Cedric was treated harshly for these and many other heroic and selfless acts. His impaired hearing had to do with the assaults his interrogators inflicted on him.

Cedric edited the Christian Institute magazine Pro Veritate for several years, where he introduced an increasingly radical tone, responding to the dark times we were entering then. He must be remembered for not giving up on working for a better South Africa and a better world till the end. He and Penelope shunned comfort and material well-being, to live an honest life, and one that expressed solidarity with those whose lot in our vastly unequal world sought to change.

Please see Horst’s full tribute to Cedric in his address from the funeral.


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