Brian Brown

Horst has informed me of Cedric’s death following a period of ill health and diminishing strength. Marion joins me in the conveying of love and sympathy at this time.

We went back a long way – the early 1960s in Nelspruit in fact. Cedric was my ‘superintendent’ minister in what was my first appointment, but from the outset it was the friendship of equals. Cedric didn’t do rank or hierarchy! The friendship was cemented of course in the CI and PV years and our shared banning era.

Unlike many, Cedric not only dreamed the dream but lived it! Over a lifetime of ministry he remained my mentor in teaching that the essence of discipleship was an obsession with social justice, or Kingdom values as he would have said in earlier years. I am ever grateful.

I recall a time when Cedric and I were being interrogated together at John Vorster Square. We played ‘imaginary cricket’ with each other while bemused SB officers looked on. It was our way of asserting that we were not victims but survivors and I shall ever honour his spirit of courage, hope and commitment.

May you know strength and consolation.

Our Loving Thoughts.


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