Rosemarie Rieger & Family

We are so sad to hear about Cedric’s passing. We have been thinking of you and Cedric regularly and fondly. You both gave us insights to a different and wonderful country and culture.

When we think of Cedric then what comes to mind are the great discussions we had on religion, the church, politics, people, trivia, etc. And then of course we think of all the action we had together watching and feeding animals and birds, driving around the Kruger area and more. We had such a wonderful time with you at your bush home and we appreciated all the time you shared with us. We are grateful that you both shared your lives with us.

Cedric’s passing will leave a void in our hearts and we will miss him greatly. When we hear Ubuntu we will think of Cedric.

We realize how fortunate he was to be with you for so many years and to be in your care. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

In sadness with love,
Rosemarie, Joerg, Helen, and Annika


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