Malcolm McCarthy

My deep sympathies to you and the larger family on the death of Cedric. I know that the last few years were not easy for Cedric, yourself and those dear to you both. It is now a great relief that he is now released from these latter years of personal struggle. But this was but a small part of his life. During the rest he has given so much to those around him and to building a more democratic, equal and caring South Africa. In following this commitment he has worked with and inspired many people.

I for one, from my youthful days in the Christian Institute, was inspired by his commitment, courage and ability to grapple with the importance but complexity of the struggle for freedom. While always willing to argue his point he was also able to listen and reconcile the varying positions of those focussed on the same goals. He did this with a humanity and care for individuals whether in his work at the CI, in helping people flee the country or in the expression of his religious beliefs and his involvement with people from all backgrounds. Like many of us he might have had misgivings about what was happening with the building of our country but he remained engaged and ever inventive in finding ways to champion those who had suffered greatly under apartheid.

I also have memories of him with you, all children included, when living in Crown Mines. In this he and you should be proud of the legacy that lives beyond him, in committed and caring children and grandchildren who continue his endeavour for a just and equal society.

I salute Cedric for the life he lived and you for helping him live it.

We look forward to and will continue to work for a South Africa of which he would be truly proud.


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