Aziz Pahad

I have just heard of the passing away of comrade Cedric.
Please accept my deepest condolences.
Angina’s and my thoughts are with you.

I had the privilege of meeting with Cedric on the many occasions he visited Europe. I also fondly remember our meetings since I returned to SA. I regret that in the last few years we did not have the opportunity to meet and share some glasses of the “Halal alcohol”.

Cedric made an invaluable contribution to achieving our democracy and efforts to deepen and consolidate our democracy.
He was totally committed to “a better life for all” and like many ANC comrades and cadres he was concerned about the development of some negative tendencies in our movement and society, including the faith community.

Our experience, of being a former liberation movement and then becoming leaders of government, is a phenomenon not unique to the ANC.
Cedric, like many other ANC cadres, while concerned and critical, continued to work to ensure that the values, ethics, sacrifice, honesty, principles and commitment that drove the movement since its founding in 1912 is restored.

Cedric ran a outstanding race and we must celebrate his life so that everything he stood for can continue to influence the old and the new generations.


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